clients and partners . . . on working with Wendy

Brand Development


“Sure, Wendy is a brilliant, strategic thinker. You only have to look at the clients she’s worked with, as well as the work itself, and you can see that. But what makes Wendy special is that she loves people and all the strange, special and interesting things they do and think. She loves a challenge. She loves stories and new things and coming up with great ideas.  And she works really hard to get to those ideas…but makes it feel like fun for anyone she’s working with. For 4-H, Wendy has taken a hundred years of history, thousands of different programs, and millions of kids and found a new way to make it all relevant and important again. That’s so Wendy.”    

 Andy Ferrin, Chief Strategy Officer - National 4-H Council

Wendy Hagen is a brilliant, honest and passionate professional who cares about her clients and the work she does. Her strategic approach helps break down barriers and produce consensus on core content and a value proposition. She is a forward thinking and proactive partner who fit in with our team seamlessly, making the project so much easier. Wendy took the time to learn from our past approaches, which resulted in a more refined and simplified framework for our communications efforts.

                                                                                              Aiyshen Padilla, VP, Marketing Communications and External                                                                                                       Positioning - AARP Foundation

“We value working with Wendy for her thoughtful and dexterous problem solving abilities. Wendy quickly enmeshed herself in our business, enabling her to get to the heart of our strategic messaging needs on a number of diverse projects with solutions that produced measurable effects.”

                                                                                            Mary Dwight, SVP Policy and Advocacy - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

"In Wendy Hagen you get the best of both worlds in strategic and effective communications.  I first worked with Wendy in her strategic planning leadership role at Porter Novelli when I was President of the Abundant Forests Alliance (AFA). Wendy showed me her unique abilities not only to plan and implement the critical upfront research for effective strategic communications; but more importantly her ability to analyze and translate the research findings into great messages with impact.  Wendy finds those ‘nuggets’ in focus group and opinion survey work that make all the difference in guiding your creative team’s direction and media-mix decisions.”

Rod Lowman, former President – Abundant Forests Alliance

"We worked with Wendy to develop a brand promise and messaging. She quickly understood the changes our organization is undergoing and our future vision. She is an outstanding listener, which led to a quick, thoughtful and creative approach to the project. The project plan was comprehensive and clear, and hagen inc met all deadlines on budget. Asking the right questions and using focus group findings to develop compelling, on-target messaging is a clear strength of Wendy's. She is a pleasure to work with and an outstanding professional."  

Sharon Grace, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

"We love working with Wendy, because she really understands marketing research and how to apply it to our clients’ marketing and communications challenges. She has a laser sharp mind -- quickly honing in on the most important insights and turning them into strategy. It is not only easy to collaborate with her, but fun. "

Pam Loeb, Principal - Edge Research

Agency Search


Wendy is one of my favorite people to work with. I hired her to advise us as we made critical decisions about which marketing communications firms to hire for a series of large, high stakes projects and then again to help us implement certain parts of those projects. Wendy helped us through every stage of the process: developing RFPs, identifying potential firms, interviewing, selecting firms and resolving problems. She is wonderful to work with – smart, resourceful, engaging, always a step ahead in thinking of new possibilities and generally able to handle any type of person or situation. She knows the communications business inside and out and most of the people in it. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

                                                                                             Amy DeMaria, SVP Communications, CFF

"When our national trade association decided to launch a nationwide advertising campaign, Wendy advised us through every step of the process. Her knowledge and experience in every phase of our efforts, from mission and RFP scoping, to agency selection and contract negotiations, to message research analysis and production, were key reasons our program was able to launch in record time and have solid effects among all targeted audiences. Along the way Wendy was both professional and a pleasure to work with. She knew when to ask the right questions and when to suggest something we might have overlooked. As a member of our team she always had the confidence of association member companies and advertising agency personnel. She was a key contributor to our remarkable -- and quick -- program success. I hope to work with Wendy on other such projects soon.”

Bill William Whitsitt, EVP Public Affairs, Devon Energy Corporation

“Wendy’s demonstrable expertise and confidence quickly translates into credibility with those with whom she is working…both her clients and other contractors and agencies.  She is very responsive to feedback and very good at delivering against tight deadlines.  I look forward to working with Wendy again.”

Rod Lowman, former President - America’s Natural Gas Alliance