capabilities & services


Strategic Planning & Research                                                          Business Development


Account planning                                                                                   New business coaching

Audience research/insight development                                               Proposal writing   

Brainstorm facilitation                                                                            Pitch preparation

Campaign measurement and evaluation                                               Presentation training

Communications audits                                                                         Agency marketing/self-promotion

Competitive reviews

Creative briefs

Language analysis and message development

Landscape/situation analysis

Primary and secondary research



Agency search/evaluations

Best practices reviews

Branding/brand strategy

Campaign integration

Funder/donor outreach

Marketing plan development

Public relations strategy



strategic planning & Research

  • Account planning

  • Audience research/insight development

  • Brainstorm facilitation

  • Campaign measurement and evaluation

  • Communication audits

  • Competitive reviews

  • Creative briefs

  • Landscape/situation analysis

  • Message development

  • Primary and secondary research

  • Value proposition development

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  • Agency search/evaluations

  • Best practices

  • Branding/brand strategy

  • Campaign integration

  • Donor/funder outreach

  • Marketing plan development

  • Public relations strategy

business development

  • New business coaching

  • Proposal writing

  • Pitch preparation

  • Presentation training

  • Agency marketing