clients and partners  . . . on working with Wendy

“Sure, Wendy is a brilliant, strategic thinker. You only have to look at the clients she’s worked with, as well as the work itself, and you can see that. But what makes Wendy special is that she loves people and all the strange, special and interesting things they do and think. She loves a challenge. She loves stories and new things and coming up with great ideas.  And she works really hard to get to those ideas…but makes it feel like fun for anyone she’s working with. For 4-H, Wendy has taken a hundred years of history, thousands of different programs, and millions of kids and found a new way to make it all relevant and important again. That’s so Wendy.” 

                                                                                      Andy Ferrin, Chief Marketing Officer - National 4-H Council


“I loved working with Wendy.  I was Chief Philanthropy Officer of PAHO Foundation when we hired Wendy and her team to handle branding, web content and design. They created new messaging, thought provoking content, delivered on time and worth every single dollar.  Wendy and team assisted us graciously with a new CEO and her vision along with the complexity of the PAHO/WHO structure.   I highly recommend Wendy and her team and would definitely hire them again.

                                                                                        Elly Brtva, Chief Philanthropy Officer - PAHO Foundation


“Wendy provides wise counsel and leads her team with the client's best interests always in mind. She spent the time to understand our culture and business needs and then delivered stellar results on a strategic rebranding campaign.”

Bob Clerman, Corporate Vice President - Noblis


“Wendy is fantastic! She is creative, smart, and exceptionally focused. She led a facilitation for my team that was unlike any meeting I have ever attended -- she kept everyone focused, interested, and the output of ideas that came as a result were excellent. She is also a pleasure to work with - responsive, responsible, and enjoyable! I'd love to work with her again - any time!”

                                                                                        Debbie Kaufmann, Director, Corporate Communications - Otsuka                                                                                               America Pharmaceutical, Inc.


"We love working with Wendy, because she really understands marketing research and how to apply it to our clients’ marketing and communications challenges. She has a laser sharp mind -- quickly honing in on the most important insights and turning them into strategy. It is not only easy to collaborate with her, but fun. "

Pam Loeb, Principal, Edge Research

“Wendy’s demonstrable expertise and confidence quickly translates into credibility with those with whom she is working…both her clients and other contractors and agencies.  She is very responsive to feedback and very good at delivering against tight deadlines.  I look forward to working with Wendy again.”

Rod Lowman, President - America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA)